Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vocabulary List

In high school English class, I was sometimes given lists of 20 vocabulary words weekly to store in short-term memory to recite for the weekly test. Many of the words were hard and I never get to use them in real life after the test. It was painful experience to learn new words.

Flash card is a good way to learn words. Write words on one side, write definitions on another side. Flip through them and memorize them.

Now this learning process can be even better with this app.

You can type your definitions or use google translate to translate vocabulary to your native language, and hear it pronounced to you with the Text-To-Speech library from Android.

You can use virtually flip flash cards or quiz yourself. I wish you score high in your next vocabulary test.

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  1. Nice I like the app, however, I do use it for creating drug list, as I am a pharmacist student. It works great on the samsung galaxy S3, there is no way to add comment in google play...

    It would be great if you can create the content in your computer and then export it back to the android device....Also, it would be great if you can save all the info in the computer from the cellphone.

    Also, I dont know how many entries can I put in there. is there a limit?

    I like the quiz, that uses the answers from other questions! that is neat as I dont have to type them, but the app get it all together.

    Nice job

    1. I am glad you like this. At one point I did a $1 version where you can send your list to yourself. And you can send a list to your phone by sending yourself email (and the phone reads your email). But I get 0 download in many months that I removed it.

      There is no limit, as much as your phone allow, I guess.

      Send me your email address I'll send you that version (for free)

  2. Joseph thanks a lot for the reply. It sounds great the app that you are telling me. I am sorry it did not get the attention it deserved, but your apps are great, I can see you are trying to make unique apps. Great job.

    You know what feature would be awesome for an app of this type? To be able to search for keywords from the entire list.

    I know pharmacy and medical students who would pay for this gladly, as we have to make TONS of index cards, and pretty quickly things get messy.

    See ankidroid, it does not have that future, studyblue, neither. And some others, as well. And we use A LOT those programs. email is.