Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Days Since Revisited

Days Since is my most popular app, with 4000+ downloads. This app is remarkably simple: it is a simple list that you add/change/delete items.

Many comments say the widget is UGLY. Sorry, it looks fine to me. Yes, that background image can be a bit better but I have no tools to make it so. I am not a graphics artist.

That days counter is sometimes one day off. It is calculated by relying on Java's calendar library to tell me how many milliseconds has passed (between midnights) of the dates, and that can be a little off. I attempted to fix it.

Added a couple more easy-to-implement features: font size, and Send option so you can send yourself a CSV file of your data.

For a much more feature-packed version, with categories and past/future tabs, see the Event Reminders app.